How to Setup Wi-Fi on Galaxy Watch 4 Classic – Step-by-Step

How to Setup Wi-Fi on Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

Just like other Galaxy watches, the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic has Bluetooth and WiFi as means of connecting to other devices. Although your phone and watch communicate mainly via Bluetooth, WiFi gives you access to the internet. And with Internet access on the watch, you can install apps, stream music, install watch faces on the … Read more

How to Setup Galaxy Watch 4 Classic to Work with a Compatible Smartphone

How to Setup Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

The Galaxy Watch 4 Series runs on the Wear OS platform unlike older Samsung smartwatches running on the Tizen OS. This marks a shift in the operating system that gives you access to more apps. The new Galaxy Watch 4 series also features body composition measurement as well as a higher 16GB storage capacity. However, … Read more

How to Enable ECG and Blood Pressure on Galaxy Watch 4 – Easy Method (No PC)

how to enable ECG and Blood pressure on Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

ECG was first introduced to the Galaxy Watch Active 2, subsequently, blood pressure monitoring was introduced to Galaxy Watch 3. However, these two features are not available in every country of the world. This is probably as a result of different regulatory policies in these countries. Moreover, for these two features to work, they will … Read more

How to Setup Incidental Fall Detection For Galaxy Watch 3

Galaxy Watch 3 is a beast, it does well in every department, fitness tracking, attractive and compact design, lots of media features, but so great battery life. The Galaxy Watch 3 features blood oxygen tracking, ECG, and blood pressure monitoring. One other fine activity tracking feature on the Galaxy watch is incidental fall detection. SOS … Read more