Fitbit Versa 3 vs Garmin Venu – Which is Better?

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Versa 2 is succeeded by Fitbit Versa 3 which is one of the best fitness smartwatches right now on the market, same can also be said of Garmin Venu which was released last year. So which is better between these two? We’ll try to do justice to this question in this post. The very first common similarity between Versa 3 and Venu is that each of these two is fitness-focused and each of these is as well equipped with loads of fitness tracking features that make any of these two a comprehensive fitness tracker. Beyond the similarity in fitness tracking, each of these two will also help you manage notifications on your phone, store music on your watch, and allows you to go multiple days from a single charge. Read further to learn more about which is a better smartwatch between Fitbit Versa 3 vs Garmin Venu.

Fitbit Versa 3 vs Garmin Venu: Full Specifications Compared

Product Info
Fitbit Versa 3 Full Specifications

Fitbit Versa 3 Full Specifications, Features and Price

Garmin Venu Specs, features and prices

Garmin Venu Specifications, Features and Price

Price $199.99 $232.76
Device name Fitbit Versa 3 Garmin Venu
Device type Fitness/Sport smartwatch Fitness/Sport smartwatch
Gender Unisex Unisex, Women
Release date September, 2020 September, 2019
Predecessor Fitbit Versa 2 Garmin Vivoactive 3
Dimension 40.4 x 40.4 x 12.4 mm 43.2 x 43.2 x 12.4 mm
Weight 46.3 grams
Shape Square Circular
Case material Aluminum Fiber-reinforced polymer
Strap material Polyester, Silicone Silicone
Bezel material Aluminum Stainless steel
Strap size 140 – 180mm (small), 180 -220mm (big) 20 mm
Screen protection Corning Gorilla Glass 3 Corning Gorilla Glass 3
Water resistance Yes, 5ATM Yes, 5ATM
Durability test
Swim-proof Yes, recommended Yes, recommended
Color Black/black, Midnight blue/gold, Pink/Gold Black, Gold, Rose-gold
Display size 1.58 inches 1.2 inches
Display type AMOLED AMOLED
Display resolution 300 x 300 pixels 390 x 390 px
Pixel density
Always on Yes Yes
Custom watch face Yes Yes
Input type 1 Haptic button, Touchscreen 2 Physical buttons, Touchscreen
Bluetooth Bluetooth v5.0 ANT+, Bluetooth v4.0
Bluetooth calling Yes No
NFC Yes Yes
Wi-Fi Yes, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n Yes, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
Memory card slot No No
Technology None None
SIM type None None
SMS alert Yes Yes
Calls alert Yes Yes
Email alert Yes Yes
Event reminder Yes Yes
Third-party apps alert Yes Yes
Audio mp3/mp4 mp3/mp4
Bluetooth music Yes Yes
Loudspeaker Yes No
Microphone Yes No
Camera No No
Radio No No
Accelerometer Yes Yes
Altimeter Yes Yes
Ambient light Yes Yes
Barometer Yes Yes
Compass No Yes
Gyroscope Yes Yes
HRM Yes Yes
Pulse oximeter (SpO2) Yes Yes
Thermometer Yes
Other sensors Vibration motor
Blood oxygen Yes Yes
Blood Pressure No No
Calories Yes Yes
Distance Yes Yes
ECG tracking No No
Heart rate monitoring Yes Yes
Sleep tracking Yes Yes
Steps Yes Yes
Floors climbed - Yes
Stress Yes Yes
Incidental fall detection No Yes
Menstrual cycle Yes Yes
VO2 Max Yes Yes
Swim-tracking Yes Yes
Underwater heart rate tracking No Yes
On-screen workout Yes Yes
Sport modes 20+ 20
Battery type non-removable Lithium-polymer non-removable Lithium-polymer
Battery capacity
Battery life Regular: 6 Days+ GPS with music: up to 6hrs, Smartwatch mode: up to 5 days
Charging type USB charging Charging dock
Charging time 1-2 hours 1-2 hours
Solar power No No
Operating system Fitbit OS Proprietary OS
Companion app Fitbit App Garmin Connect
Compatibility Android, iOS Android 5.0+, iOS 11.0+
Payment system Fitbit Pay Garmin Pay
Interchangeable strap Yes 20mm, Yes
Voice command Yes, Alexa, Yes, Google Assistant No
Find my phone Yes Yes
Box content Charger, Fitbit Versa 3, Manual, Straps Charger, Garmin Venu, Manual, Straps
Price $199.99 $232.76

Fitbit Versa 3 vs Garmin Venu: Design

Fitbit Versa 3 vs Garmin Venu design comparison
Both Versa 3 and Venu have got a lightweight, compact and durable design.

Each of these two smartwatches has got a decent design that is built with durable materials. Aluminum material has been used for the case of Versa 3, while reinforced polymer has been used for the case of Venu, both materials are very lightweight and durable. The strap of both smartwatches is made of silicone that is also lightweight, interchangeable, and compatible with 20mm-wide straps.

In terms of dimension, Versa 3 at 12mm thick is slightly slimmer than Venu which is 12.4cm thick. The shapes are also different which is very noticeable, a square shape Versa 3 vs a circular shape Venu, and with a stainless steel bezel, the Venu has a classic appearance as against the sporty design of Versa 3.

There are lots of watch faces to choose from on the respective platforms; Fitbit app for Versa 3 or Garmin connect store for Venu. Both are rated 5ATM which is equivalent to 50 meters and makes any of these two swim-proof.

So, as far as design is concerned, each of these has got a nice and elegant design. However, Garmin Venu looks more attractive with its circular shape and stainless steel bezel.

Fitbit Versa 3 vs Garmin Venu: Fitness Tracking

 Fitbit Versa 3 vs Garmin Venu Fitness tracking comparison
Each of these two is a decent fitness tracker. However, Venu features incidental fall detection and a more robust SpO2 feature that allows you measure blood oxygen 24/7.

Going by the fitness tracking features present in each of these two, both Versa 3 and Venu are well equipped to track a whole lot of activities. Any of these two can track your sleep comprehensively in stages, and as well as your heart rate. There is an inbuilt GPS on both Versa 3 and Venu, this allows you to track outdoor activities.

Other common fitness tracking features include stress measurement, 20 preloaded sport modes, and the ability to count floors climbed. You can log your water intake on both smartwatches, and for women, it allows you to track your menstrual cycle.

Versa 3 through the Fitbit coach app features animated workout modes that coach you through your favorite moves, Venu also features animated workout modes.

The main difference as per fitness tracking is that while each of these two can measure your blood oxygen levels, Venu can measure your blood oxygen level during the day and when you sleep, unlike Versa 3 that only measures your blood oxygen overnight when you wear it to sleep and displays your SpO2 levels through the SpO2 watch faces.

Additionally, Venu features incidental fall detection which allows the watch to call a preset emergency number when it detects a hard fall as long as it’s near the connected phone.

Fitbit Versa 3 vs Garmin Venu: Music Storage and Media Features

You store your favorite tracks and playlist from Spotify on both smartwatches. However, you can’t add personal music to Versa 3

Each of these two comes with a 4GB storage capacity out of which about 2GB is available for use, this allows you to store your favorite tracks on the watch. However, Versa 3 has a limited option as far as music storage is concerned, it only allows you to add your Pandora, Deezer, and Spotify playlists. Meanwhile, Venu allows you to download Spotify, Deezer and you can also sync Amazon music playlists as well as add your personal music tracks.

Versa 3 has both a microphone and loudspeaker – There is a loudspeaker and microphone on Versa 3 which allows you to take calls directly from the watch and as well as play music files aloud. You can start a call on Versa 3 using Google Assistant voice assistant, you can also take calls and talk directly from the watch. Meanwhile, you can only answer calls on Venu which you will have to continue on your phone.

Fitbit Versa 3 vs Garmin Venu: Versa 3 Features Google Assistant and Alexa

Versa 3 has both Alexa and Google Assistant.
Due to the presence of a microphone and loudspeaker on Versa 3, it features Alexa voice assistant and the recently added Google Assistant. You can only use one at a time. With the latest firmware update, you can hear Alexa reply to you, and recently, you can also hear Google Assistant speak.

I noticed that I could use Google Assistant to start a call on my phone which wasn’t possible with Alexa. The Venu lacks a voice Assistant.

Fitbit Versa 3 vs Garmin Venu: Managing SMS, Calls and App Notifications

Garmin Venu Specs, features and prices
Received notifications on Venu.

Both Versa 3 and Venu allow you to manage notifications that you receive on your phone. Both also feature quick reply functions that allow you to respond to messages with preset custom replies. Moreover, Versa 3 which has a microphone allows you to reply with your voice as well which I find very useful oftentimes.

Fitbit Versa 3 vs Garmin Venu: Battery Life

You can get up to 5 days battery life with either Versa 3 or Venu

From my experience, having used the Versa 3 for a couple of months now, it lasted up to 5 days on average. This is about the same with Venu which averages about 6 days or more depending on the frequency of use. It’s good to note that each of these two allows you to go multiple days from a single charge.

Fitbit Versa 3 Features

  • 1.58 inches AMOLED full color display with touchscreen support and a haptic button for easy navigation.
  • Comes with a case made of aluminium, the straps are made of silicone and can be changed. The Versa 3 is available in four colors; black, blue, pink, and thistle colours.
  • Customizable watch face. You can choose from the many watch faces on Fitbit App.
  • Features both a timer and a stopwatch.
  • Up to 6 days or more battery life.
  • You can store over 300 of your favourite tracks. Music can be streamed from Spotify, or download your Deezer playlist and Pandora stations. You can store personal music to the Versa 3 for now.
  • You can send preset replies to notifications you receive. (Android only). You can also reply with your voice and emoji. (not every app is supported)
  • Keeps you connected to all that matters to you, so you never get to miss important notifications.
  • It comes with NFC which supports Fitbit Pay. This is a contactless payment system that will allow you make payment directly from the Versa 3.
  • It is rated 5ATM and is also Swim-proof.
  • Has microphone that allows you access Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant NEW.
  • NEW:Added loudspeaker that allows you make and receive calls, and as well here Alexa and Google Assistant replies.
  • You can access your favorite apps for fitness, sports, news, travel, transit and more with a simple tap on Versa 3. There are lots of Apps to choose from in the App store which can be accessed from the Fitbit App.
  • Features “do not disturb mode” that allows you to mute call, text and smartphone notifications during the day.
  • Features “Sleep mode” that allows you to automatically mute smartphone notifications at night and stop your screen from turning on so you can catch uninterrupted sleep.

Fitbit Versa 3 Fitness Tracking Features

Fitbit Versa 3 Full Specifications
Fitbit Versa 3 (Source:
  • Equipped to track your steps, distance, floors climbed and calories all day long.
  • Tracks your sleep in four stages and allows you see your time in awake, light, deep and REM sleep stages. You’ll also get a daily Sleep Score in the Fitbit app and on your wrist to better understand your sleep quality each night.
  • Active Zone Minutes help you make every minute count during workouts by buzzing your wrist when you enter your personalized target heart rate zone. This feature rewards you for time spent in a vigorous or moderate activity that increases your heart rate.
  • Helps you reduces stress with 2 and 5 minute guided breathing sessions that are personalized based on your heart rate.
  • NEW: Added inbuilt GPS that allows you track outdoor activities more conveniently. The Versa 3 will track your routes, locations, pace and more when you workout outdoors.
  • Features menstrual cycle tracking that allow you to log periods, record symptoms, track your ovulation and discover patterns in your cycle from the Fitbit App.
  • Tracks your VO2 Max. to help you get a better understanding of your fitness level and learn how you can improve over time with a personalized in-app Cardio Fitness Score.
  • Compatible with both Android and iOS devices, Check supported devices
  • You can select up to 6 activities which include running, walking and more to auto track with SmartTrack.
  • Features SpO2 blood oxygen measurement that allows you to see the level of oxygen in your blood to help you learn when there may be an indication of important changes in your fitness and wellness. You can see your SpO2 nightly average and range on wrist with an SpO2 clock face and on Fitbit Today.
  • There is onscreen animated workout modes that features a handful of workout routines that can guide you through some of your favourite workout modes.
  • Up to 20 preloaded sport modes.


  • Lightweight, slim and elegant design.
  • 6 days long battery life
  • Swim-proof and durable.
  • Onboard music storage.
  • Has microphone and loudspeaker.
  • Low priced.
  • Inbuilt GPS.
  • ECG tracking.
  • Stress and temprature monitoring.


  • You can’t install apps directly from watch.
  • You can only store up to 5 watch faces on watch.

Garmin Venu Features

Garmin Venu Specs, features and prices
Garmin Venu (source: Garmin)
  • Comes with a 1.2 inches AMOLED display, highly interactive and lively. Touchscreen plus physical buttons for easy navigation.
  • Up to 5 days long battery life in smartwatch mode.
  • Clock features: Time/date, GPS time sync, auto daylight saving, alarm, timer and stopwatch.
  • Download watch faces, widgets, data fields and apps from the Garmin Connect IQ Store.
  • Calls reject/text response with preset texts (Android only).
  • Find my phone, watch, control music on smartphone and remote camera control.
  • ANT+, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi keeps you connected to all that matters to you, so you never get to miss important updates.
  • Rated 5ATM (swim-proof).
  • 20mm interchangeable straps with quick release feature.
  • Compatible with both Android 5.0+ and iOS 11.0+ devices.
  • Sync data from watch to the Garmin Connect community – a thriving community of fitness enthusiasts where you can connect and share.
  • Onboard music storage that lets you take your favorite tracks with you on the go, as well download from your favorite apps such as Spotify, Deezer and Amazon music.
Garmin Venu Activity Tracking Features
  • Comes with 20 Preloaded sport modes.
  • Animated workouts that can coach you through your favorite moves, helping you save on training videos.
  • Added hydration tracking that lets you log your daily water intake to help you stay hydrated and see how consistent you are from day to day.
  • Added respiration tracking that tracks how well you’re breathing throughout the day, during sleep and during training activities.
  • Added body battery energy monitor that tracks your body energy throughout the day so that you can find the best time to train or rest.
  • Added pulse Ox sensor that tracks your blood oxygen level during the day and while you sleep to help you see how well your body absorbs oxygen.
  • Advance sleep monitoring that tracks the three sleep stages; light, deep and REM with data from pulse ox and respiration tracking for a more detailed and accurate sleep analysis.
  • Added wrist-based underwater heart rate tracking that tracks your heart rate while you swim, which can help you manage your training intensity more productively.
  • Garmin coach is your personal running coach right on your wrist that can coach you through your next 5k, 10, or even longer goals.
  • Safety and tracking features include, LiveTrack that lets you invite others to join in your training goals and incidental fall detection that automatically sends your location to preset emergency contacts when a fall has occurred (phone must be connected to watch to enable this features).
  • Activity tracking features include steps counter, sleep monitoring, calories, floors climbed, distance, intensity minutes, fitness age and all day stress tracking.
  • Gym and fitness equipment include cardio and strength workout, automatic rep counting and available gym profiles which includes strength, cardio, elliptical, rowing, stair stepping, and yoga.
  • Training, planning and analysis features includes, downloadable training plans, VO2 max, activity history on watch, GPS speed and distance, create custom activity profiles and advanced workouts.
  • Heart rate tracking features includes, HR zones, HR alerts, HR calories, % HR max and HR broadcast data to paired device.
  • Running features include GPS-based distance, time and pace, run workouts, foot pod capable, and available run profiles such as running, indoor track running and treadmill running.
  • Golfing features include Garmin auto shot, pin pointer, digital scorecard, yardage and round timer.
  • Outdoor recreational features includes, back to start, total decent/ascent and available outdoor recreational profiles such as skiing, snowboarding, XC skiing, stand up paddle boarding and rowing.
  • Cycling features include time/distance alerts, compatible with varia, speed and cadence sensor support and available cycling profiles such as biking and indoor biking.
  • Swim tracking features include pool swim metrics, stroke type detection, basic rest timer, time/distance alerts and pool swimming as available swim profile.
  • Log and track cycles with the Garmin menstrual cycle tracking feature that can help you detect physical and emotional symptoms.


  • Lightweight, sturdy, and stylish design.
  • Long battery life
  • A great smartwatch for tracking your daily activities.
  • Swim-proof.
  • Onboard music storage.
  • Preloaded animated workout modes.


  • Lacks microphone and loudspeaker.

Our Verdict

Each of these two has a decent design, good battery life, and lots of activity tracking features. I give it to Venu as far as design and activity tracking is concerned. I think it’s a more comprehensive activity tracker and it also looks more attractive than Versa 3.

However, on the other hand, Versa 3 which has both a microphone and loudspeaker and features two voice assistants is a more comprehensive lifestyle smartwatch. Moreover, it’s also cheaper which I think is a great bargain.

Prices Compared